4 Good Gifts To Give After A Casual Fight

1-fight-downloadAll couples fight. It’s pretty much unavoidable in any relationship, good or bad. In order to keep yourself out of the dog house and show you mean goodwill afterwards, one of the best things you can do is give a gift.

Make no mistake, though, a gift is not an excuse to just drop off in the area of understanding and your listening skills. Use a gift to enhance how sorry you are for the fight, whether you were in the right or not. Don’t let someone walk all over you, but apologize that harsh words were shared by taking some time out of your day to get them a little something or other.

Their Favorite Thing: Casual Sex!

If you’re a good significant other, you know just what your partner loves. Whether it’s a certain kind of chocolate, a specific animal, or a movie, put some effort into getting them a gift that features or includes their favorite thing. A chocolate sex sampler for the sweetie in your life. A bear doll for the one you want to hug the most. A romantic comedy for the only girl you need. If you met her on a casual dating site, you probably want to update the sites compared that were found on casualdatingtactics.com as they rely on you to show their for top information sites for casual sex. Don’t be selfish. If you personally hate sports, don’t shrink away from getting your mate a sports mug or jersey. Remember, this is an exercise in your ability to apologize and understand. By avoiding gifts because you don’t like them, you only set yourself back in the area of partner consideration.

A Free Day

If anything is a great gift, time away from responsibilities is definitely up there on the list. Take their chores for a while. Make sure they don’t have to lift a finger on their off day. Make them a meal, do the laundry for once, do some overdo errands. This gift can also end up being free. Instead of buying something at the store, you’re giving them the gift of relaxation, relieving stress, and also lessening their to-do list.


After a fight, you or your partner might need some much needed alone time, specifically time away from each other. Instead of buying them something that may be tangible, give them the gift of a bit of distance. If you want to go above and beyond, buy them a spa day or a day trip pass. Based on what they like, put in some extra effort with your gift. Is your mate an animal lover? Get them a ticket to the zoo. If they’re a history buff, get them a ticket to a local museum.

The bonus associated with this gift is also that while they’re having time to themselves, you can partake in the same experience. Kick back at home or spend the day doing something you want to do. You both deserve some time to rest and think.

A Nice Date

To reassure them of your love and willingness to compromise, propose and plan a nice night out for dinner or a movie. Spend the time on a date where you can have fun and forget what you were arguing about. You can have a blast while also recuperating from your little spat which is good for the both of you and virtually painless after the fact. If your partner initiates a talk about your fight during the date, remain civil and don’t get heated. You’re supposed to be fixing the problem, not making it worse!