Breakfast In Bed And Why It Works: Post Fling Advice


We’ve all seen it. Heard about it. Read it in a trashy novel or watched it on a sappy sitcom. There’s supposedly nothing more romantic than waking up at the crack of dawn or earlier, making a bunch of breakfast foods and bringing them to the person you love with a nice big smile, watching them wake up all aglow and happy that they’re so well thought of.

Usually, we consider this to be very hackneyed and a dated approach to dating. It’s almost like a remnant from the time when people could let their children play in the yard unattended, milk came in bottles, and people still had segregated bathrooms. Why is it shown to be such a staple of romanticism anymore if it’s so out of date?

Because it works.

This can be answered with one word: effort. Women and men love when people put in effort and thought to your interactions with them. Some may appreciate it when you come back from Taco Bell and all you have left for them to eat is some melted cheese in a tortilla. Most definitely would not. The reason why is obvious. If you’re inconsiderate and insensitive to someone’s wants and desires, you won’t get far in a relationship. When you go the extra mile, like getting your mate three chicken burritos instead, they will appreciate you more.

Getting up and doing anything for someone that is going out of your way shows that you care about them. As a species, and in this age of the “me generation”, we are typically selfish and needful creatures. When someone breaks this mold and enters the realm of consideration and kindness, there is a positive reaction from others.

Unless you’re weird, and admit that you have to be, no one likes to get up at five in the morning if they went to bed at some time when it was dark out. It’s just not a favorable time to get up. Wouldn’t you sleep until noon if you could?

Part of the positive response to breakfast in bed is that you didn’t have to get up and do all this for them, let alone get up so EARLY and do it. The fact that you’ve decided to sacrifice your precious sleep for your loved one is an extremely gratifying feeling that the recipient experiences. They know you could have just hit snooze, but you didn’t.

Especially when you’re half asleep. Some people like cooking and some others are just naturally good at it, but even top chefs could probably agree that being up at six in the morning after sleeping three hours, just to make some pancakes and oatmeal, isn’t exactly a field of roses.

All of these things add up, as well as an almost universal love for breakfast. So maybe it may not seem like such a great idea for someone who would consider doing it, but it’s sure swell for the person who gets labor-free breakfast at eight. I’m sure you’ll be rewarded some way or another.

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