Why You Should Avoid Approaching Men When They Are With Their Friends

Sometimes we work up the courage to approach men when they are alone. But approaching men when they are with their friends require an even stronger level of encouragement. When men are with their friends, they don’t always behave in the manner that you would want them to. This can make you feel like you are being toyed with. It can also be very damaging to your self-esteem. This is one of the reasons why you should avoid approaching men when they are with their friends, unless you are entirely sure that you know what you may be getting yourself into.


The Attention Goes to Their Heads

One reason why you may want to avoid approaching men when they are with their friends is because they allow the attention to go to their heads. Men can get cocky around other men, especially when a woman gives them a little bit of attention. When this happens, you won’t always get to see what type of person he really is. Instead, he will put on a show in front of his friends in an attempt to impress them instead of trying to impress you.

If you can’t avoid not approaching a man when he is with your friends, make sure that you keep the interaction very brief. Introduce yourself, see if he is interested, and then give him your number. The longer you stay around him, the more he is going to want to try to make his friends envious of the attention that he is getting. He may end up making everything about himself rather than about the two of you. If you notice that he is doing this, it may be best to wait until he is alone, or find someone different altogether. You don’t want to spend too much time on someone who worries about impresses his friends more than impressing you.

They May Try to Make You Feel Like They’re Out of Your League

Another reason that you may want to avoid approaching men when they are with their friends is because sometimes they may try to make you feel like they are way too out of your league. These men will often try to make you feel like you are unattractive or undesirable, especially if their friends aren’t attracted to you. Many times they will talk badly about you, tease you, or may even lead you on only to humiliate you later. There’s always the interesting position on cheating using top reviews for the married dating space like those featured on CNN, maybe. If you approach a man who can’t seem to stop smiling and laughing (in addition to his friends doing the same thing), it may be best for you to excuse yourself as quickly as possible. Most men will give their friends some breathing room when they see he is trying to hook up with someone that they approve of. If you notice that his friends are doing the opposite, chances are you are not going to like what comes of it. Say what you need to say, and then quickly take your leave. If he tries to get you to stay, tell him that you have something that you need to do, and then make your getaway. When a man tries to get you to stick around even though your intuition is telling you that you should get out of their, always go with your intuition.

Approaching men when they are with their friends can be tricky. Sometimes it is worth taking the chance, but most of the time it is best to simply say hi, and see if they will come to you while leaving their friends behind. Unfortunately, many men care more about what their friends think than they care about meeting a woman that is perfect for them. If this happens, don’t let it discourage you. Consider it as their loss and move on. Luckily, there will always be other men who will definitely show interest in you.