Dressing To Impress: What Your Partner Wants Out Of Your Wardrobe

1-superthumbThere’s a saying that “clothes make the man”. This is true of men and women in that dressing well says volumes about you and effects how you’ll be perceived by both members of the opposite and same sex. When it comes to finding a mate, you may be successful but that doesn’t mean you get to stop putting effort into your wardrobe. Once you’ve got a romantic partner on the hook, make sure they aren’t the one that got away.

Casual Finder Does Not Mean Sloppy, Friend!

A simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt is charming and good for late night snack runs as well as simple dates in the outdoors. If you and your partner are the type, your whole dating wardrobe might just be cut offs and character tees. Something to remember, though, is that just because you are comfortable enough to be dressed down around someone doesn’t mean you should be comfortable to show off mustard and sweat stains. You can try but googling these sites can be tricky like in this case and many little mistakes can lead to fraud. I’m rambling – let’s keep going. In the beginning stages of dating, the two of you are feeling each other out and picking up on small mannerisms. If you’re a man and you notice a girl’s manicured nails, she is very likely to notice how many holes are in your shirt. Even if you don’t, women tend to be detail oriented people. Seeing holes and stains and unkempt grooming areas will send the message that you don’t care enough to consider these things before going out with her.

For women, men can be very harsh when it comes to details of your wardrobe and appearance. While that’s never good, it doesn’t mean that wearing stained sweatpants to the movies is the best choice. Everyone appreciates it when you put in effort for them, men and women alike. You don’t have to get fancy, just put in a bit of time to brush your hair, your teeth, and wear unsoiled clothes.

Ask Them About Their Preferences

2-Handsome-Men-HairIf your date comments on how they like your shoes, remark on it. Why do they? Tell them about the garment they pin point. Do they shop at that specific store a lot? Do they like that color? It’s easy to start a conversation about things like this. In the opposite direction, complement them on something they’re wearing. Inquire about it.

You can also just ask directly things like what their favorite color is, what styles they like, if there’s anything they dislike. Now, don’t get so absorbed that your whole wardrobe is dictated by their tastes. But in the event that they happen to mention how much they love the color green, wear green when you go out with them. If a man tells you he likes how certain earrings look on you, wear them when you know you’re going to be going out.

What this tells people is that you pick up on the subtle things or that you will listen to someone when they say something to you about themselves. Not only is this a good trait to have in general in a relationship, it makes you a more attentive person on your own merits. The more you train yourself to pay attention and adapt the worldlier and more aware you’ll become. Get used to listening and taking notes. You can implement them in more ways than just your shoes and shirts.

Why You Should Avoid Approaching Women When They’re with Friends

1-approachApproaching a woman when she is with her friends can be risky. You never know what type of reaction you are going to get from her. If she is trying to show off in front of her friends, you may end up disappointed. You may also end up disappointed if her friends start judging you before you even get the chance to know her. This is why it is best to always try to approach women when they are alone, even if only for a few minutes.

Her Friends Will Pass Judgment On You

2-are-you-here-aloneOne reason you should avoid approaching women when they are with their friends is because they will attempt to pass judgment on you. This means that these women begin sizing you up the moment you lock eyes with one of their friends. Before you even reach her, they have already told her what type of guy they think you are, and what your intentions will be. Even if they don’t know any of these things, it doesn’t stop them from thinking that they know everything about you and what you are up to. Instead use personals sites. This place rated the best sites online and compiled a list (read it here) of the top 25 sites on the list in the online dating world. Sadly, many women will listen to everything that their friends have to say. This means that if their friends only have negative things to say about you, the chances that you will actually be able to hook up with their friend will go down drastically. If you still want to take your chance, you should make sure to introduce yourself to not only her, but to her friends as well. Buy all of them a drink, and when engage yourself in conversation with all of them. Women love to be charmed, and if you can do a good job of it, their previous judgment of you can be changed rather quickly. Just be careful to not let them know what you are up to. The moment that they figure you out, the harder it will be to impress them.

She May Pretend Not to Be Interested

Another reason that you may want to avoid approaching a woman when she is with her friends is because she may pretend to not be interested in you. Sometimes a woman may really not be interested, but other times she is playing hard to get simply because her friends are around. You may not know which one is which, and if you get the signs wrong it can end up causing you a lot of frustration. You don’t want a bunch of women telling you that you are harassing their friend when she really isn’t interested. You also don’t want to let the perfect woman get away if she really is interested, but is pretending not to be to put on a show in front of her friends.

If you want to approach her anyway, simply buy her a drink and ask for her number written down as a message on a napkin. If she responds back with a number, give her a call later that night or the next day. If she responds that she’s seeing someone, just leave well enough alone. She could be playing hard to get, but it’s better safe than sorry. If she really does have someone else, you don’t want him or her showing up trying to pick a fight with you. Find another woman to focus your attention on. There should be plenty of them. You may even want to try one of her friends just to show her what she’ll be missing out on. After that, she may decide that she doesn’t care about what her friends have to say about anything.

Matchmaking to Marriage: What to Do When She Wants a Wedding

1-Marriage-CertificateSo you met your missus on a dating site. Perhaps you used one that is ranked as one of the top websites out there for matchmaking lovers looking for relationships. But you know very well that dating online reviews are fishy and that not all matches lead to marriage. Most women are typically marriage minded and if they aren’t when you first meet then there’s a stark possibility that they will be some day. Some women you might meet don’t want to get married at all which might be great for you if you’re a bachelor who isn’t interested in settling down or just not the marrying type. In the case that you are or aren’t, it can be tricky to avoid clashing at certain times when you do find a girl that DOES want to get married eventually.

Women that are interested in immediate marriage or within the first three months are clingy and put too much weight into feelings that they aren’t truly ready for. Some people can pull off getting married that fast but you probably aren’t one of them. Normally marriage will come up in conversations after you’ve moved past other milestones or are hitting the two year mark in your relationship.

Consider Your Own Desires

2-imagesMen are typically known to be the fussy type who don’t want to get married and want to live freely. Girls, however, are typically known to be obsessed with their wedding and the horse that you’ll carry them away on and the huge wedding cake, the doves flying, and an opera singer serenading you down the aisle. You run the risk of running into one of these girls who knows what she wants and how to get it by making you melt in her hand. What you need to consider, though, is what you REALLY want.

It’s perfectly fine if you’re a man who dreams of a lavish wedding or of getting married at all. If you feel like you are ready to get married and love the woman who wants you to pop the question then nothing is stopping you. Marriages that are based on someone wanting it while the other party does not, however, are unions built on shaky ground.

Is it Too Early?

There are times in a relationship’s beginning where everything seems magical and you could just run to Vegas and get hitched right then and there. These feelings are supposed to occur and they are the great emotions you feel when everything is perfect and you have high ideals of someone and they haven’t been faulted yet. These feelings will wear away eventually. That doesn’t mean you love someone any less. It just means you’re being more realistic; you’re seeing someone for who they are and you’re showing them your own true colors.

If you haven’t even made it past this point in a relationship yet then there is literally no point in getting married. If you haven’t seen each other at your worst, lived together, and actually made it past a year then your marriage shouldn’t even be considered. It’s way too early to make a commitment to someone when you barely even know who they are.

Planning Ahead

This isn’t to say that marriage isn’t completely off the table. Explain to your partner that marriage is terrific, just not right now. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of getting married within a few months of the conversation coming up then you should explain that you want to wait until you’re sure.

Some people take this kind of rejection very personally and it can damage your relationship. If that is the case then pay that person no mind. If someone is going to try to guilt you into getting married then you don’t need to be with them anyway. If they’re just hurt because they don’t feel good enough, explain that they are good enough but that both of you need to grow into a marriage and not just dive in headfirst.

Is She the One? When You Should Pop the Question

1-Wedding_ringsCommitting to your lady can be a tough choice, especially when the divorce rate gets higher every year. After all, you don’t want to take the time and money getting married only to have it end in a few months. There’s no set amount of time that you can be with someone that will prepare you for marriage, so take a look at where you are. Do you feel like committing is a possibility? If so, then keep reading for a few more hints that it’s time to put a ring on it.

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Living Together

2-marriage1Living together before marriage is the best idea for a lot of reasons. For one thing, you can have someone help you with rent that way. Extra income is always nice. For another thing, it gives you a taste of what married life would be like. If she drives you nuts when you’re just living together, then she’d drive you off the deep end if you married her. Couples that are meant to be together really enjoy living together. It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night. If things don’t feel like that to you just yet, it might not be time to throw in the towel on bachelor life. Don’t rush into a marriage just because you two live together. If it’s been a while and you do feel happy living together with her, though, that’s a good sign that you two would work just as well in the long run. Start getting that proposal ready!

Picking Out Furniture

Nothing says “married” more than making joint decisions, and furniture’s a pretty big thing to go in on together. When a couple first lives together, you bring your own stuff and don’t pick out much as a pair. Furniture is a big commitment, and don’t think she hasn’t noticed. Women go nuts over those things. If you two are picking out furniture together, you’re nearly married as it is. For some, this can seem too sudden or forward. If you’re not bothered by it at all, if it seems natural, then it might be a sign that you’re ready for the next step.

This applies for all sorts of furnishings, not just couches and chairs. Even buying curtains can be a huge sign of commitment. Starting to combine all your furnishings means that you aren’t planning on going anywhere, and if that sounds pretty sweet to you, then marriage is definitely on the horizon.

Could You Exist Without Her?

This is the most important question for you to ask yourself before jumping into a marriage. You’ll (hopefully) be with her for the rest of your life, and it’s important to know that you’re making the right decision. Take some time alone, maybe take a solitary vacation and see how you feel. Do some soul searching. It sounds lame but it can really help you out if you’re on the fence. Taking time away from her will make it clear to you whether or not you can exist without her. At least, can you exist happily? It can be hard, but imagine losing her. Would it affect you forever, or would you get over it pretty quickly? If the answer is that you’d get over it quickly, then marriage might not be the best choice. The time you know you’re ready for marriage is when you start to love her and prioritize her over yourself, and know that your whole life would be worse without her. If you can’t say that with complete confidence, then you can’t say your vows and mean them. The worst thing you could do is get married without being sure that it’s the right decision to make. It wastes your time and money as well as hers, and it hurts everybody around you. Before popping that question, the best thing you can do for the both of you is be confident that you’ll work out for life.

Understanding the Repercussions of Asking for a Threesome

Understanding the Repercussions of Asking for a Threesome

A lot of people actually harbor hidden, steamy fantasies of spending the night in the embrace of not one but two lovers. Wanting to have a threesome is not a new fetish by any means. People have been into sharing partners and having multiple sexual partners at a time since the creation of man. Kings and queens took place in multi-partner sexual escapades and the Greeks and Romans have well documented accounts of orgies and multi-partner sexual encounters in both art and literature.

Just because asking for a three-way isn’t new doesn’t mean that it still isn’t something that society sees as dirty or wrong. You may want to have a threesome very badly but your partner may not be as open to the idea. If you actually get up the courage to ask then you have to understand that you are successfully opening a door that you can’t close.

Your Partner Might Think You Want to Cheat

Threesomes are often seen as a permission to cheat
Threesomes are often seen as a permission to cheat
The ways that people define cheating are actually very varied. Some people don’t consider emotional cheating to be true cheating while others consider any heartbeat for someone else to be infidelities. Threesomes are often seen by people as permission to cheat and that can be a fair statement depending on the person. If a guy has a girl on the side he can ask for a threesome, invite her over, and his girlfriend is basically okaying a sexual encounter with another lover. Things like this happen.

By asking to have a threesome your mate might wonder why you’re doing this. Having sex with someone other than them is considered cheating, or at least it is in most people’s minds. If you ask for a threesome then you are possibly going to cast a lot of suspicion on your true motives and intentions.

You May be Shamed for Your Fantasies

You May be Shamed Of Your Fantasies
You May be Shamed Of Your Fantasies
Threesomes are not fantasies that everyone has. Some people are perfectly fine with monogamous sex with the lights off for the rest of their lives. Others need a little bit of spice every once in a while and can find this hard to get if their partner isn’t on board with trying out new things. People who aren’t kinky aren’t always people who shame others for their own fetishes and kinks but there are large pockets of people who will.

You should know your partner enough to know whether they’d be disgusted with you and the idea but who really knows? They might have thought the same thing about you; that you would never ask for something as deplorable as a threesome. Be aware that you might face some ridiculous for asking.

Your Mate Might Become Self Conscious

Imagine that you’re in high school. You really like a male classmate and you want them to like you back. By the grace of some deity you actually wind up together but he’s still constantly checking out other people or maybe he only does it once or twice. Regardless of how frequent the glances are they still make you wonder what that other person has that you don’t have. How can you make it so that your boyfriend will look at you and only you?

Asking for a threesome can put these same thoughts and feelings into your partner’s head. By asking for someone else to share your bedroom you might give them this feeling that you don’t see them as good enough, sexy enough, or pretty/handsome enough. Make sure that after you ask, whether they say yes or no, that you give them the attention they deserve and not just because you’re happy with the outcome or trying to butter them up.

You Might Be Opening Pandora’s Box

Threesomes Pandoras BoxIt’s not often that someone will truly be okay with a threesome so if you find someone who will gladly have a threesome while in a relationship with you then you’ve basically struck gold. Many men and women would kill to have a mate as understanding and adventurous.

But what if the tables get turned? You find someone to complete the trio and suddenly you’re feeling just like your partner might have? They start giving the other person all the attention and you feel neglected. They get more into it than you do and you feel like the person who doesn’t fit in. These things happen very often and you have to understand that introducing another person into a relationship can often bring up these complications.