Why You Should Avoid Approaching Women When They’re with Friends

1-approachApproaching a woman when she is with her friends can be risky. You never know what type of reaction you are going to get from her. If she is trying to show off in front of her friends, you may end up disappointed. You may also end up disappointed if her friends start judging you before you even get the chance to know her. This is why it is best to always try to approach women when they are alone, even if only for a few minutes.

Her Friends Will Pass Judgment On You

2-are-you-here-aloneOne reason you should avoid approaching women when they are with their friends is because they will attempt to pass judgment on you. This means that these women begin sizing you up the moment you lock eyes with one of their friends. Before you even reach her, they have already told her what type of guy they think you are, and what your intentions will be. Even if they don’t know any of these things, it doesn’t stop them from thinking that they know everything about you and what you are up to. Instead use personals sites. This place rated the best sites online and compiled a list (read it here) of the top 25 sites on the list in the online dating world. Sadly, many women will listen to everything that their friends have to say. This means that if their friends only have negative things to say about you, the chances that you will actually be able to hook up with their friend will go down drastically. If you still want to take your chance, you should make sure to introduce yourself to not only her, but to her friends as well. Buy all of them a drink, and when engage yourself in conversation with all of them. Women love to be charmed, and if you can do a good job of it, their previous judgment of you can be changed rather quickly. Just be careful to not let them know what you are up to. The moment that they figure you out, the harder it will be to impress them.

She May Pretend Not to Be Interested

Another reason that you may want to avoid approaching a woman when she is with her friends is because she may pretend to not be interested in you. Sometimes a woman may really not be interested, but other times she is playing hard to get simply because her friends are around. You may not know which one is which, and if you get the signs wrong it can end up causing you a lot of frustration. You don’t want a bunch of women telling you that you are harassing their friend when she really isn’t interested. You also don’t want to let the perfect woman get away if she really is interested, but is pretending not to be to put on a show in front of her friends.

If you want to approach her anyway, simply buy her a drink and ask for her number written down as a message on a napkin. If she responds back with a number, give her a call later that night or the next day. If she responds that she’s seeing someone, just leave well enough alone. She could be playing hard to get, but it’s better safe than sorry. If she really does have someone else, you don’t want him or her showing up trying to pick a fight with you. Find another woman to focus your attention on. There should be plenty of them. You may even want to try one of her friends just to show her what she’ll be missing out on. After that, she may decide that she doesn’t care about what her friends have to say about anything.