Dressing To Impress: What Your Partner Wants Out Of Your Wardrobe

1-superthumbThere’s a saying that “clothes make the man”. This is true of men and women in that dressing well says volumes about you and effects how you’ll be perceived by both members of the opposite and same sex. When it comes to finding a mate, you may be successful but that doesn’t mean you get to stop putting effort into your wardrobe. Once you’ve got a romantic partner on the hook, make sure they aren’t the one that got away.

Casual Finder Does Not Mean Sloppy, Friend!

A simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt is charming and good for late night snack runs as well as simple dates in the outdoors. If you and your partner are the type, your whole dating wardrobe might just be cut offs and character tees. Something to remember, though, is that just because you are comfortable enough to be dressed down around someone doesn’t mean you should be comfortable to show off mustard and sweat stains. You can try but googling these sites can be tricky like in this case and many little mistakes can lead to fraud. I’m rambling – let’s keep going. In the beginning stages of dating, the two of you are feeling each other out and picking up on small mannerisms. If you’re a man and you notice a girl’s manicured nails, she is very likely to notice how many holes are in your shirt. Even if you don’t, women tend to be detail oriented people. Seeing holes and stains and unkempt grooming areas will send the message that you don’t care enough to consider these things before going out with her.

For women, men can be very harsh when it comes to details of your wardrobe and appearance. While that’s never good, it doesn’t mean that wearing stained sweatpants to the movies is the best choice. Everyone appreciates it when you put in effort for them, men and women alike. You don’t have to get fancy, just put in a bit of time to brush your hair, your teeth, and wear unsoiled clothes.

Ask Them About Their Preferences

2-Handsome-Men-HairIf your date comments on how they like your shoes, remark on it. Why do they? Tell them about the garment they pin point. Do they shop at that specific store a lot? Do they like that color? It’s easy to start a conversation about things like this. In the opposite direction, complement them on something they’re wearing. Inquire about it.

You can also just ask directly things like what their favorite color is, what styles they like, if there’s anything they dislike. Now, don’t get so absorbed that your whole wardrobe is dictated by their tastes. But in the event that they happen to mention how much they love the color green, wear green when you go out with them. If a man tells you he likes how certain earrings look on you, wear them when you know you’re going to be going out.

What this tells people is that you pick up on the subtle things or that you will listen to someone when they say something to you about themselves. Not only is this a good trait to have in general in a relationship, it makes you a more attentive person on your own merits. The more you train yourself to pay attention and adapt the worldlier and more aware you’ll become. Get used to listening and taking notes. You can implement them in more ways than just your shoes and shirts.