Understanding the Repercussions of Asking for a Threesome

Understanding the Repercussions of Asking for a Threesome

A lot of people actually harbor hidden, steamy fantasies of spending the night in the embrace of not one but two lovers. Wanting to have a threesome is not a new fetish by any means. People have been into sharing partners and having multiple sexual partners at a time since the creation of man. Kings and queens took place in multi-partner sexual escapades and the Greeks and Romans have well documented accounts of orgies and multi-partner sexual encounters in both art and literature.

Just because asking for a three-way isn’t new doesn’t mean that it still isn’t something that society sees as dirty or wrong. You may want to have a threesome very badly but your partner may not be as open to the idea. If you actually get up the courage to ask then you have to understand that you are successfully opening a door that you can’t close.

Your Partner Might Think You Want to Cheat

Threesomes are often seen as a permission to cheat
Threesomes are often seen as a permission to cheat
The ways that people define cheating are actually very varied. Some people don’t consider emotional cheating to be true cheating while others consider any heartbeat for someone else to be infidelities. Threesomes are often seen by people as permission to cheat and that can be a fair statement depending on the person. If a guy has a girl on the side he can ask for a threesome, invite her over, and his girlfriend is basically okaying a sexual encounter with another lover. Things like this happen.

By asking to have a threesome your mate might wonder why you’re doing this. Having sex with someone other than them is considered cheating, or at least it is in most people’s minds. If you ask for a threesome then you are possibly going to cast a lot of suspicion on your true motives and intentions.

You May be Shamed for Your Fantasies

You May be Shamed Of Your Fantasies
You May be Shamed Of Your Fantasies
Threesomes are not fantasies that everyone has. Some people are perfectly fine with monogamous sex with the lights off for the rest of their lives. Others need a little bit of spice every once in a while and can find this hard to get if their partner isn’t on board with trying out new things. People who aren’t kinky aren’t always people who shame others for their own fetishes and kinks but there are large pockets of people who will.

You should know your partner enough to know whether they’d be disgusted with you and the idea but who really knows? They might have thought the same thing about you; that you would never ask for something as deplorable as a threesome. Be aware that you might face some ridiculous for asking.

Your Mate Might Become Self Conscious

Imagine that you’re in high school. You really like a male classmate and you want them to like you back. By the grace of some deity you actually wind up together but he’s still constantly checking out other people or maybe he only does it once or twice. Regardless of how frequent the glances are they still make you wonder what that other person has that you don’t have. How can you make it so that your boyfriend will look at you and only you?

Asking for a threesome can put these same thoughts and feelings into your partner’s head. By asking for someone else to share your bedroom you might give them this feeling that you don’t see them as good enough, sexy enough, or pretty/handsome enough. Make sure that after you ask, whether they say yes or no, that you give them the attention they deserve and not just because you’re happy with the outcome or trying to butter them up.

You Might Be Opening Pandora’s Box

Threesomes Pandoras BoxIt’s not often that someone will truly be okay with a threesome so if you find someone who will gladly have a threesome while in a relationship with you then you’ve basically struck gold. Many men and women would kill to have a mate as understanding and adventurous.

But what if the tables get turned? You find someone to complete the trio and suddenly you’re feeling just like your partner might have? They start giving the other person all the attention and you feel neglected. They get more into it than you do and you feel like the person who doesn’t fit in. These things happen very often and you have to understand that introducing another person into a relationship can often bring up these complications.