Dealing with a Flip-Floppy Married Woman

2-downloadWomen are hard to understand in general. They’re full of feelings and conflicting ideas about what they want in life. It is our job as men to put up with this and make sure we can bring out the awesome woman that we know is hiding underneath all that contradiction. But there are some women that make being indecisive into an art form; they flip-flop all over the place and it’s infuriating to put up with. It’s not their fault, sometimes; it’s just how they are. If you want to get to know the woman and keep her around, despite not being able to keep up with her decision changes, read on.

Accept It

It’s not going to be easy, being with a flip-flopper, but you’ve got to accept the fact that this is just who she is as a person. She’s not actively trying to ruin your life, nor does she take great pleasure in making sure you tear your hair out over her indecisiveness day by day. When married dating, there are reviews that are real and scams can be prevented using these good sites as they are compared to the outline of bad sites you find in the cheating space. The sooner you accept this fact, the easier it is for you to move on with your life. If you find that you cannot accept this fact of her personality, it may be better for you to end the relationship early. She already knows how indecisive she is, she doesn’t need another person reminding her. Sometimes she just needs to flop, and you just need to let her flop away. Let her go whichever way she needs, however many times she needs before she makes the best decision for herself.

Learn to Be Patient

Alternatively, you can learn to become a more patient man to better deal with your partner’s changing whims. Figure out what it is she’s doing that’s making you feel so pissed all the time. Of course, her inability to decide on a course of action is always an issue with you, but try to look beyond that. Think of what she is doing specifically. Does she always seem to have issues with what she’s going to wear? Or do her issues stem from dealing with friends? Maybe she is indecisive when it comes to buying food, for instance. Whatever it is, by decoding it and recognizing why she’s freaking out will allow you to help her, thus helping the both of you.

Solve the Problem Only if You Are Given Permission to Do so

It may be tempting for you to solve the problem for her; to just help her make a decision regarding her clothing or food choices, but hold that impulse. Men have a natural tendency to solve things, and women seem to be giant puzzles that need to be put together in the right way to be solved. But the problem is that women don’t always need a man to solve their problems for them. Sometimes, a listening ear is more appreciated than a volley of solutions. Women can get in groups and talk all day about the problems they’re having without actively looking for a solution, and that’s okay, because that is what they need. So when your woman comes to you with a problem that should be handled but she can’t decide on a decision, just listen to her and keep your mouth shut. Maybe you can make appropriate noises when necessary, but do not offer her advice unless she asks you for it. If she does, solve away. Sometimes she might need you to be what guides her, as you may be the only one that knows her better than herself. Use that knowledge and offer her guidance on what she would normally do, and just be a supportive partner for her.

Breakfast In Bed And Why It Works: Post Fling Advice


We’ve all seen it. Heard about it. Read it in a trashy novel or watched it on a sappy sitcom. There’s supposedly nothing more romantic than waking up at the crack of dawn or earlier, making a bunch of breakfast foods and bringing them to the person you love with a nice big smile, watching them wake up all aglow and happy that they’re so well thought of.

Usually, we consider this to be very hackneyed and a dated approach to dating. It’s almost like a remnant from the time when people could let their children play in the yard unattended, milk came in bottles, and people still had segregated bathrooms. Why is it shown to be such a staple of romanticism anymore if it’s so out of date?

Because it works.

This can be answered with one word: effort. Women and men love when people put in effort and thought to your interactions with them. Some may appreciate it when you come back from Taco Bell and all you have left for them to eat is some melted cheese in a tortilla. Most definitely would not. The reason why is obvious. If you’re inconsiderate and insensitive to someone’s wants and desires, you won’t get far in a relationship. When you go the extra mile, like getting your mate three chicken burritos instead, they will appreciate you more.

Getting up and doing anything for someone that is going out of your way shows that you care about them. As a species, and in this age of the “me generation”, we are typically selfish and needful creatures. When someone breaks this mold and enters the realm of consideration and kindness, there is a positive reaction from others.

Unless you’re weird, and admit that you have to be, no one likes to get up at five in the morning if they went to bed at some time when it was dark out. It’s just not a favorable time to get up. Wouldn’t you sleep until noon if you could?

Part of the positive response to breakfast in bed is that you didn’t have to get up and do all this for them, let alone get up so EARLY and do it. The fact that you’ve decided to sacrifice your precious sleep for your loved one is an extremely gratifying feeling that the recipient experiences. They know you could have just hit snooze, but you didn’t.

Especially when you’re half asleep. Some people like cooking and some others are just naturally good at it, but even top chefs could probably agree that being up at six in the morning after sleeping three hours, just to make some pancakes and oatmeal, isn’t exactly a field of roses.

All of these things add up, as well as an almost universal love for breakfast. So maybe it may not seem like such a great idea for someone who would consider doing it, but it’s sure swell for the person who gets labor-free breakfast at eight. I’m sure you’ll be rewarded some way or another.

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Is She the One? When You Should Pop the Question

1-Wedding_ringsCommitting to your lady can be a tough choice, especially when the divorce rate gets higher every year. After all, you don’t want to take the time and money getting married only to have it end in a few months. There’s no set amount of time that you can be with someone that will prepare you for marriage, so take a look at where you are. Do you feel like committing is a possibility? If so, then keep reading for a few more hints that it’s time to put a ring on it.

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Living Together

2-marriage1Living together before marriage is the best idea for a lot of reasons. For one thing, you can have someone help you with rent that way. Extra income is always nice. For another thing, it gives you a taste of what married life would be like. If she drives you nuts when you’re just living together, then she’d drive you off the deep end if you married her. Couples that are meant to be together really enjoy living together. It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night. If things don’t feel like that to you just yet, it might not be time to throw in the towel on bachelor life. Don’t rush into a marriage just because you two live together. If it’s been a while and you do feel happy living together with her, though, that’s a good sign that you two would work just as well in the long run. Start getting that proposal ready!

Picking Out Furniture

Nothing says “married” more than making joint decisions, and furniture’s a pretty big thing to go in on together. When a couple first lives together, you bring your own stuff and don’t pick out much as a pair. Furniture is a big commitment, and don’t think she hasn’t noticed. Women go nuts over those things. If you two are picking out furniture together, you’re nearly married as it is. For some, this can seem too sudden or forward. If you’re not bothered by it at all, if it seems natural, then it might be a sign that you’re ready for the next step.

This applies for all sorts of furnishings, not just couches and chairs. Even buying curtains can be a huge sign of commitment. Starting to combine all your furnishings means that you aren’t planning on going anywhere, and if that sounds pretty sweet to you, then marriage is definitely on the horizon.

Could You Exist Without Her?

This is the most important question for you to ask yourself before jumping into a marriage. You’ll (hopefully) be with her for the rest of your life, and it’s important to know that you’re making the right decision. Take some time alone, maybe take a solitary vacation and see how you feel. Do some soul searching. It sounds lame but it can really help you out if you’re on the fence. Taking time away from her will make it clear to you whether or not you can exist without her. At least, can you exist happily? It can be hard, but imagine losing her. Would it affect you forever, or would you get over it pretty quickly? If the answer is that you’d get over it quickly, then marriage might not be the best choice. The time you know you’re ready for marriage is when you start to love her and prioritize her over yourself, and know that your whole life would be worse without her. If you can’t say that with complete confidence, then you can’t say your vows and mean them. The worst thing you could do is get married without being sure that it’s the right decision to make. It wastes your time and money as well as hers, and it hurts everybody around you. Before popping that question, the best thing you can do for the both of you is be confident that you’ll work out for life.

Do Couples Really Have to Talk Every Day

Do Couples Really Have to Talk Every Day

Some people put a lot of thought into whether or not they have to talk to their significant other every day. The side you take in this debate could have a lasting impact on your relationships from here on out. There are impassioned speakers on both sides, and their arguments are both very emotional. How could you claim to care about someone, even love them, and not want to talk every day? Especially in this day and age, when it’s never been easier to talk to someone than it is right now. On the other hand, who is so clings and insecure that not talking for a single day will destroy your relationship? The answer to the question is a little more complex than that, and you have to take a look at the various factors involved. Like so many things in life, it lacks a basic yes or no answer. Here’s the breakdown of factors involved in whether or not you need to be talking to your girlfriend every day.

How Much Time Do You Get to Spend Together Face to Face

Talking means calling on the phone, texting, emailing, messaging...
“Talking” means calling on the phone, texting, emailing, messaging…
First we have to assume that by “talking” every day we don’t mean actual face to face communication. If you are in the same place at the same time, it would be downright weird to not talk to your girlfriend. A good tip for any relationship is “Don’t ignore them when they come right up to you and say good morning.” Barring times when you can see each other and communicate face to face, “talking” means calling on the phone, texting, emailing, messaging on social media or instant messenger, and any sort of video chat. Whether or not you need to do any of these things every day depends on the amount of time that you can spend with each other face to face. The more in person interaction you can have with your girlfriend, the less important any of these factors become.

If you can only see your girlfriend in person twice a week, it’s fairly important to touch base with her via another form. You and she have the ability to talk, chat, and keep in touch even when you can’t see her. If you can see her for several hours a day five days a week, it becomes a lot less important whether or not you talk on the days that you don’t see each other. If you’re in a long distance relationship it becomes even more important to talk frequently. If you’re not going to be able to see her in person for a few weeks or a month you should definitely take the time to text or call her nearly every day, if not every day.

How Long Do You Talk at a Time

You don't want to run out of things to talk about
You don’t want to run out of things to talk about
Of course, you should also consider how long your talks with her are. Even if you’re a busy person with plenty going on in your life you’re not going to have much to talk about if you’re having 2 hour long phone calls every night. In fact, you’ll have even less to talk about because you’re on the phone with her for 2 hours instead of doing something fun. Generally, the longer you spend talking each time you do the less frequently you need to do it. You don’t want to run out of things to talk about and have things become awkward between you.

Try Reading the Same Book to Have Something to Talk About

Read same bookOf course, it’s easier to keep in touch if you have something to update each other about. A good way to keep in touch if you’re in a long distance relationship is to share some things together. Closeness comes from shared experience, and you can get some of that by reading the same book at the same time, or watching the same movies and TV shows. Even if you don’t have time to talk much, a simple text with the page number where you stopped reading the night before can be enough to remind her that the two of you are sharing something even though you’re so far away. It also takes some of the pressure off of you to be interesting every time she calls. The bottom line is that you should talk to her as often as it takes so that you don’t miss her. If you can go several days with just a check in, fine.